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We offer a single type of membership from November 2023, to reflect changing approaches to what being ‘a member’ of a group entails.

Why Join?

We consider that members will wish to fulfil either one or both of these objectives:

To demonstrate support for and interest in the group’s aims

To support the group’s aims financially

Our membership reflects by offering free membership, but also varied opportunities to support the society financially.

Already a member?

If you are currently a full subscribing member of Finzi Friends but have not yet signed up for access to the members area of the site then please select the online membership below and fill in your details including your email address and a password which you will need to create and use for future access to the members’ area. This will ensure that you can access all areas of our site.

If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch at



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    Finzi Friends needs an income of some kind to secure its future and support its work. Consequently, we invite all members to make a voluntary donation in the future, with the emphasis on voluntary.  Should you decide to support the Society in some way financially, options are as follows:

    You could

    • Make a voluntary donation of £20 (or less according to means).
    • You can make this an annual donation if you so choose, by using the standing order option box below.
    • Make a grant towards an event in the future to offset costs.
    • If a subscribing member currently, decide to continue your current standing order for £20 annually (for this option, no action is needed)

    N.B. if you select bank transfer or standing order, you must arrange the transfer of the subscription fee yourself, using online or mobile banking, or through your bank.