The leading objective in the Constitution of Finzi Friends is:

…to promote the knowledge of, appreciation of the life of, and performance of the works of Gerald Finzi…

In pursuit of that objective, the Friends are receptive to applications for financial support for projects directly related to Finzi’s life and work, or projects indirectly related by association with people who influenced him or were influenced by him.

Since January 2018, the Friends have made grants to:

  • New Paths Music Festival, Beverley, East Yorkshire
  • Ealing Choral Society, London
  • English Baroque Choir, London
  • Community and Youth Music Library, Haringey, London
  • Swale Singers, North Yorkshire
  • Wymondham Symphony Orchestra, Norfolk
  • Cumbria Rural Choirs
  • City Music Foundation
  • Zen Kuriyama (scholar and musicologist)
  • Amadeus Chamber Orchestra
  • Radley Concert Films
  • London Song Festival
  • Beverley Chamber Music Festival
  • Korros Ensemble
  • Fantasia Orchestra

How to apply

Applications for financial support may be made by organisations (choirs, chamber groups, orchestras and so on) or by individuals (performers, composers and authors, including students). Formal applications should be made by email to the ‘Grants Deployment Party‘. Please provide information about the project as described in the document: Applications for the Funding of Projects, which can be downloaded by clicking on the box below:

Guidance for Funding Applications