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    janet shell

      First of all – well done whoever has been involved in the website- it is looking much cleaner and with the member area clearly marked and other buttons accessible.

      It is a pity that there is so little engagement here on the forum which could be and ought to be very active. The past two years have of course meant that many societies have struggled to provide events and sadly the events you have put on have been on dates I pesonally could not manage due to work committments.

      What can be done about membership engagement online? It seems to me that there is an established membership who are able to go to events and enjoy the richness they provide but are we at the stage where these could be streamed – for a small fee to members – or free to members and others pay? This might help members who are less part of the establishment have access to some of the concerts. (Not sure if Ludlow does that already?).

      This forum is a good idea, but has it been widely publicised to members for example? Maybe an email sharing the possibility? The demograph of membership moves on I think and soon everybody will be computer and online literate.

      How about a recorded interview from people who perform Finzi regularly – some international artists?

      Anyway- a happy new year to members and the committee and maybe a more productive online year in 2022?!

      Janet Shell

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