to Finzi Friends

Supporting and sustaining interest in British composer Gerald Finzi

to Finzi Friends

Supporting and sustaining interest in British composer Gerald Finzi

Remembering Christopher Finzi  1934 – 2019

Many Finzi Friends will already have heard that Christopher (Kiffer) Finzi, Gerald and Joy’s son, died on 28th November. His funeral was held at Ashmansworth on December 11th. Kiffer was very supportive of the work of the Friends. Chairman, Martin Bussey writes:

I count myself lucky to have visited Ashmansworth for the first time while Kiffer and Hilary were still living at Church Farm. In those days they opened the house for our annual day, so that our lunch and tea were held there. Their generosity enabled the experience of a direct link with Gerald and Joy which is irreplaceable. Kiffer’s attendance at our events was always a significant element and I know many members were thrilled that he was able to get along for part of the Ashmansworth Day in 2018. This was signalled by the warmth of the applause as Kiffer and Hilary entered the room to hear Martin Lee-Browne’s talk on the Newbury String Players. The link with Newbury String Players reminds us of Kiffer’s work as a musician which will be indelibly marked by his recording of Dies Natalis with Wilfred Brown. We send our condolences to Hilary and the family.

There will be a longer reflection on Kiffer’s life and his association with Finzi Friends in our Spring Newsletter. We would be delighted to receive reminiscences of Kiffer for that edition. Please send these via

Why does the work of Gerald Finzi attract so much attention and interest?

The immediate answer can be found in the sheer quality and integrity of his compositions, particularly those setting English poetry. Finzi’s many settings of Thomas Hardy, Shakespeare and his luminous setting of Thomas Traherne, Dies Natalis, are unrivalled in their craftsmanship and response to words. They seem to result in music which is at one with the poet’s thought.

Gerald Finzi’s breadth of inspiration and depth of personality lend a mysterious and troubled quality to so much of his work, notably the remarkable Hardy song-cycle Earth and Air and Rain.

Tragically, he died in 1956 at the age of only fifty-five, shortly after completing his largest scale orchestral work, the Cello Concerto.

We hope you will enjoy exploring Finzi’s music and the work of the Friends, and will consider joining us through one of our two strands of membership.

Artist: Milein Cosman

Martin Bussey

Martin Bussey, Chairman, Finzi Friends

There is no room in the world, as you say, for second rate work.

Gerald Finzi

There is no room in the world, as you say, for second rate work.

Gerald Finzi

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